Caribbean Medical Schools

Caribbean medical schools have afforded many applicants who are not competitive for admission to U.S. medical schools with the opportunity to pursue a medical education (M.D.), and then return to the U.S. to fulfill their dream of practicing as a physician. However, the challenges of studying in a foreign environment, being immersed in a different culture, trying to secure residencies in the U.S., passing the boards, etc., should be carefully examined.

Caribbean Medical School Options

Note: The list of medical schools below is not an endorsement of any particular school, but simply a list of options.

Caribbean Medical Schools and Pros/Cons in the News

Some of our PHPL Advisors have visited Caribbean medical schools to learn more about them, their curriculum, their programs, and tour their facilities. See Powerpoint presentations below for photos and information about our PHPL Advisors’ visits to each school.