Transfer Students

At UCF, we enroll A LOT of transfer students. Specifically, in Fall 2017, we enrolled 3,747 FTIC (First-Time In College/Freshman) students, compared to 6,810 Transfer students (consisting of 5,878 Florida State College System transfer students and 932 other transfer students) according to UCF’s 2017-18 Enrollment Statistics. Of course, A LOT of those transfer students are also Pre-Law students and need Pre-Law advising. Therefore, we have dedicated this section of our website specifically for Pre-Law Transfer Students.

Please also read through the variety of services we provide to on the Services link above:

Finally, a few short words of advice for our current and future Pre-Law Transfer Students:

  • Meet with a UCF PHPL Advisor early on to discuss your current progress and make a plan for moving forward along your Pre-Law journey
  • Keep your grades/GPA high!
  • Select a major you will enjoy and do well in (remember, you can be ANY major for law school!)
  • Get involved in meaningful extracurricular activities even before transferring to UCF (ex. volunteering, community service, employment, leadership, etc.). See our Pre-Law Student Experiential Preparation page for extracurricular activities in the Orlando area.